Sample Curriculum of Junior Academy

High-quality Ad- Astra Sports Academy program offers students an opportunity to learn, meaningful content and appropriate instruction, which includes:

  1. Fitness education and assessment to help students understand, improve and/or maintain their physical well-being.
  2. Development of cognitive concepts about motor skill and fitness.
  3. Promotion of regular amounts of appropriate physical activity now and throughout life.
  4. Regular assessment to monitor and reinforce student learning.
  5. Improvement of motor skills and physical fitness
  6. Enhancement of normal physical and social growth and maturation;
  7. Improvement of socialization, self-esteem, self-perception and psychological well-being;
  8. Establishment of a basis for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong commitment to physical activity

Skill-related fitness is an important component of instruction, because students who are more
proficient in a specific sport’s skills will be more inclined to pursue that type of physical activity
outside the school setting. Specific skill-related fitness assessments can allow students to
measure these skills. Improved skill-related fitness enables students to perform at a higher
level, resulting in their being more physically active and leading to a corresponding improvement
in health-related fitness. The skill-related components of fitness are agility, balance,
coordination, power, speed and reaction time.

The ultimate objective of Ad-Astra sports academy is to teach students the physical and behavioral skills they need to be active for life. Learning physical skills is essential and provides students with the opportunity to experience and enjoy a variety of physical activities. Developing a health-enhancing level of fitness and competence in a variety of skills will make it easier for students to learn sports and activities that they can perform to be physically active throughout their lives. Students also need behavioral skills to help them understand the intrinsic rewards associated with daily physical activity. Students need to learn to self-assess their personal fitness levels, analyze the data, develop personal fitness plans and, ultimately, motivate themselves to remain physically active for a lifetime.

No matter what students aspire to become, they will live happier, more productive lives if they are healthy. Maintaining appropriate levels of physical fitness is vital to overall health, so the connection between maintaining personal fitness and overall health is a strong one.