Sample Curriculum of Basket Ball

AD-ASTRA-MAGIC-BASKETBALL ACADEMY Basketball’s Game On strategy is the current guide to the immediate future of basketball in India.

A key group within the strategy, the Performance Management Group (PMG) has been established and set about consulting amongst the home nations and internationally to improve basketball’s performance. Additionally, a Curriculum Driver Group (CDG) was also formed. Both groups have consulted widely in order to work towards a curriculum for basketball in AD-ASTRA-MAGIC-BASKETBALL ACADEMY.

The consultation has involved world class coaching experts who have experience in both curriculum development in elite sport and basketball and an expert understanding of player development.

While the writing of a curriculum involves a complex consultative and collaborative approach, the need is not simply for a written document but also for an effective implementation. A comprehensive implementation through acceptance of these guidelines is most important for growth and progress in basketball’s playing and coaching standards. The Areas of Emphasis: Guidelines for Coaching is the first step in refocusing and co-ordinating basketball coaching in AD-ASTRA-MAGIC-BASKETBALL ACADEMY.

It is only a part of the greater solution to better and more effective teaching and coaching in the India. Combined with the establishment of a wider base of player development programs focused on teaching the basic skills and concepts, it will springboard AD-ASTRA-MAGIC-BASKETBALL ACADEMY to higher standards of player development and performance.

These Areas of Emphasis are the “what is important now” for basketball in this country. They are the immediate focus for coaching, teaching and development of Indian players for the future.

While there will be discussion, debate and further clarification of these areas of emphasis, there is no doubt that these guidelines are most important for our Indian players’ future. At present the majority of our players have not been prepared and developed to their full potential within the India. This is a point with which every basketball coach at any level in India should be most concerned. Through these guidelines and other AD-ASTRA-MAGIC-BASKETBALL ACADEMY’s curriculum documents we have a great opportunity to improve playing standards at club, school and national level.

While our coaching efforts have been honourable, with good intent, they now need a sharper focus and more analysis. If we are successful the quality of both our players and our competitions will improve. Consequently our club, regional and national teams will all benefit. We could also set a collective and national goal of being a major basketball country in Asia.

Each and every coach must reflect on their coaching and set about improving their own teaching and coaching effort at all levels. If our players’ learning is improved we will have all done our job well. Let’s get started by using these guidelines to kick start our new teaching and coaching focus for the Indian game. We have a lot of work to do as part of AD-ASTRA-MAGIC-BASKETBALL ACADEMY’s Towards 2016 strategy. A good three years of improved attention to development of our players through better coaching lies ahead. Hopefully with this clearer focus from these guidelines we will be directed on a path and process to coach better-skilled Indian  basketball players.

Download Sample Curriculum of Basket Ball:

Sample Curriculum of Basket Ball