We have established Ad Astra Sports Academy with 22  Sports and 45 Clubs (list is mentioned below). Our mission is  to target Olympic medals in the foreseeable future by training young blood in Games and Sports. Since yours and our aim is almost identical and similar in approach, may I extend our hand for cooperation and mutual benefit.

We would love to partner with the organizations in  Games and Sports that acadmey’s will  train in by providing facilities by way of infra-structure and coaches. The partnership will enhance the reach of the members to pan India. Being the members of this Ad Astra Sports Academy will make you avail the facilities nationally as well as inter-nationally.Members who are found of sports, where ever they go would be able to get the world class facilities with our partner Organization’.

This partnership will be like cross club membership of clubs like Gymkhana Club all over India. May I, therefore know your terms and conditions so that we may move ahead by tying-up between Ad Astra Sports Academy & your Organization.

 Sports: Ad Astra Sports Academy provides the ultimate foundation stone for future success.We strive to develop the next generation of champions, leaders and ideals.

Indoor Sports

  • Li-Ning Badminton Academy
  • Table Tennis Academy
  • Shooting Academy
  • Fencing Academy
  • Swimming Academy
  • Skating
  •  Chess Academy

Outdoor Sports

  • Lawn Tennis Academy
  •  Golf Academy
  •  Cricket Academy
  •  Kho-Kho
  •  Chetak Horse riding Academy
  •  Volley Ball Academy
  •  Adventure Sports Academy
  •  Martial Arts Academy
  • Kick Boxing Academy
  • Taekwondo
  • Wushu
  • Judo
  • Karate
  • Atya-Patya Academy
  • Baseball Academy

Clubs:  The Ad Astra Sports Academy offers students a range of club activities appropriate to their age. Joining a club is one of the many ways in which we will seek to encourage students to pursue areas of personal interest. The clubs, we have, motivate challenge and stimulate every child of the school. They are groomed and channelled into their field of interest by these 45 clubs that are open for them.

  1. Abacus
  2. Anchoring Club
  3. Craft
  4. Creative Writing Club
  5. Culture & Heritage
  6. Dance Club (Classical)
  7. Dance Club (western)
  8. Debate Club – English
  9. Debate Club – Hindi
  10. Drama Club
  11. Drawing and Painting
  12. Eco Club
  13. Electronics
  14. Elocution Club
  15. Embroidery and Knitting
  16. Fashion Designing Club
  17. French – International Language
  18. Health and Wellness Club
  19. Home Science Club – (Cookery)
  20. Interior Designing Club
  21. IT Club
  22. Life Skills Club – Peer Educators
  23. Mathematics Club
  24. Movie and Advertisements Club
  25. Music Club – Instrumental
  26. Music Club – Vocal
  27. Nature Club
  28. News Letter Club
  29. News Paper Writing
  30. Olympiads
  31. Photography
  32. Poster Making Club
  33. Reading Club – Book Review
  34. Recitation Club
  35. Robotics
  36. Safety and Sanitation Club
  37. Science Club
  38. Science Park
  39. Sculpture Club
  40. Social Science Club
  41. Table Layout
  42. Vedic Mathematics
  43. Yoga Club
  44. Rangoli
  45. Mehandi and tatoo art