Obstacle Course


There are many obstacle course races to choose from. There are fun ones, tough ones, long ones, extreme ones…it seems like there’s something for everyone. Obstacle races will definitely challenge your muscles; so you better prepare. Obstacle courses is a challenge for the muscles that you may not be used to using, and test your endurance in many ways that you haven’t been tested. To prepare effectively, get your body used to cardiovascular output while using your muscles. Crawling, pulling, pushing, and running are all components that you’re likely to face. If you have access to climb cargo nets, scale walls, and crawl through pipes, then use it. If not, then the following obstacle course training ideas will help get you physically and mentally ready for your next obstacle course race.

Interesting obstacles you can expect at Ad-Astra Obstacles circuit:



Sand run: This circuit will start with 25mts run, that will tasted your lower body strength. 

Tire Trawls: This challenge consists of over 10-15 tyres spread across 5 meters. These wheels make normal running impossible and forces all enthusiasts to hop and run.


Tarzan  jump: This obstacle reminds one of the monkey swings of childhood. A test of upper body strength; this challenge will see athletes moving forward using their shoulders without any support of the lower body.



 Russian Obstacles: This challenge will test your arm strength, jumping from one bar to another while swinging with the help of arms.



Monkey Rope: This challenge will test your arm strength, lower body strength and at the same time ,co-ordination between arms and leg.



Ad-Astra web: As the name suggest, this
acle is like a spider web, through which we have to cross using our flexibility and agility.


Tyre Jump: This challenge will test your upper body strength as fell as your flexibility.


Confidence Wall: As the part of Russian army drill, it is one of the most amazing
acle which will bust your confidence.

Long Jump Pit: This obstacle will test your lower part muscles, flexibility and abs muscles.



Sand Bag Tower : These are Sand bags placed in a manner that every individual has to jump over  them to move ahead in the course. The sand bags  ensure that running enthusiasts take a halt and use their lower limb to generate power.

Nets : This obstacle requires athletes to use their forearm strength to crawl across a net suspended in air. Balance and stability are equally important in overcoming this challenge                  

Extra Coaching- The famous saying “ The Battle of water-loo was won on the play –fields of Eton & harrow”  is true even today and will remain so for ever. On the fields players are so trained that they are competent enough to meet all challenges of life, we at Ad Astra aim to do exactly that. Our focus will be to instill sense of team spirit. Train them in goal setting improve their written and verbal communication, organize ground discussions on current topics informally and help them chalk out strategies for effective time management. Sports fields are ideal places for sharpening skills of decision making and enhancing  level of individual and team confidence. In short we will enhance the leadership traits of young boys and girls through online training by the celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar, Krishnamachari Srikkanth, MS Dhoni, Rahul Dravid , Chetan Anand , etc.


The online portal www.careerstrokes.com will be facilitate the above trainingI may add that the young training and achievement will be recognized by awarding certificates to the individuals by Kris Srikkanth

This will add another feathers to the caps of those enrolled in Ad Astra Sports.

The areas are-

  • Professional development
  • Team work
  • Goal setting
  • Leadership skills
  • Stress management
  • Communication skills
  • Group discussion
  • Motivation & confidence building
  • Decision making
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Time management
  • Benchmarking