Martial Arts Academy


Ad Astra Martial Arts is a complete ‘all in one’ martial arts training academy in Meerut. With a view of teaching different styles of Martial arts  under one roof.

The instructors of Ad Astra preaches knowledge from different fields of Martial Arts like Karate, Ju-jitsu, Kobudo(Weapons), Judo, Kick-Boxing, Aikido. Along with karate good development of children through practice of Yoga, Dhyan, Pranayam is also inculcated.

 One of our objective  is to produce a total environment where culture, class, race or creed are left outside and you will become part of a caring, friendly community. All members of that community must agree to dedicate themselves to their learning and to each other.



Having completed your training in martial arts you will leave our school with much more then knowledge of the Art you have practiced. You would have acquired a far greater understanding of yourself and an inner peace that will give you an enhanced self-worth and appreciation of the world and others.