Development of gross motor skills is crucial in the first few years of life. At Ad-Astra sports academy, we make regular observations of each child, allowing us to put together a personalized programme based on age appropriate physical activities and skills. We have your child’s best interest at heart while guiding and providing them with the relevant tools and knowledge to reach their milestones when they are ready and able.

Our sports curriculum includes stretching, running, basic movements, and games. Children participate in skill based games focusing on developing team building, learning individual strengths and areas for development, self-discipline, co-ordination, balance, endurance, sportsmanship, overall fitness and skill building for specific sports.

The ultimate goal of the Ad-Astra sports academy is to support all children along the path to lifetime physical fitness, which aligns with our holistic mission. The benefits of this journey are many including health, longevity, positive body image, improved overall self-esteem, and increased energy and concentration in all areas. Care is taken to keep the emphasis on fitness and fun, as opposed to individual superiority of skills.

Our curriculum supports the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of each child.

Ad-Astra sports academy ensures well-rounded development of our students during their formative years. The sports facilities are provided as per International specifications for a wide choice of sports and games. The sports faculty, comprising highly qualified and experienced instructors will endeavour to develop the finest sportspersons and teams who can win laurels for the school and the country.

The sports curriculum is designed according to the needs of the different age groups.. Games and activities are planned to enhance physical stamina, flexibility, balance, strength, overcoming physical fears and hesitations and above all develop confidence and a love for sports.

We” The Hardcore Team of Ad-Astra Sports Academy” are here just to create champion for Life.