Corporate Sports

The Ad Astra Sports Academy is an organization that promotes team spirit, fitness and fun through healthy competition. The balance of work and play is important to both the employee and employer. Participating in fun sporting activities can reduce stress levels while increasing one’s physical fitness.

In today’s highly competitive world more companies are turning towards corporate hospitality events to reward successful employees, impress potential clients and generally improve and cement relations within a growing business structure. There is no better way to strengthen bonds with clients, employees and friends than at one of our superb corporate hospitality packages.

The bottom line is happy and healthy employees results in decreased absenteeism, turnover and illnesses and increased camaraderie, production and profits.Extraordinary team building challenges that require people to explore creative solutions practice and improve working as a team – in a fun spirited atmosphere.

Corporate Cricket : Inter / intra office cricket matches with lunch / drinks

Corporate soccer : inter / intra office soccer match with lunch / drinks.

One of  the best advantages of games and sports is that that the individual participating in games and sports become best of friends . they bond well besides turning them as happy and healthy individuals. therefor Ad Astra Sports Academy  will be  too happy to organize inter as well as intra company/corporate houses games and sports an their Sporting  venues on demand for further details the corporate houses are requested to contact through their representatives.

Price : Rs. 41000/- for 50-100 people ( includes 8 Snacks, coffee, juices, cold drinks, furniture, DJ system ) – for 4 hours.