Coach Education

The Ad Astra coach education system includes coaching materials which:

  • Are coach centred and competency based;
  • Provide a learner pathway for coaches to build skills and knowledge over time;
  • Cover the necessary core content at each level to build the knowledge and skill;
  • Offer a range of optional content and supplementary resources and activities at each level;
  • Integrate assessment tasks and activities to confirm coaches meet the required outcomes of the courses;
  • Provide a credential or certificate  to recognize achievement on courses.
Coach Education Resources  – Level 1

 The BWF Coach Level 1 resources are available in English, with Spanish and French versions available in the first quarter of 2012. They are user friendly resources with video clips integrated into the resource to demonstrate techniques and strategy in play.
The key resources are:
  • Coaches’ Manual –  WHAT to coach and HOW to coach – fundamentals for new/practicing coaches
  • Video Clips – to support coach education – physical elements / movement / strokes / tactics
  • Tutors Manual – for coach educators / tutors delivering training courses at Level 1