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Atya patya is the thrilling and ancient game of india. Atya patya, one of the Major Games of Indian origin, is very popular particularly in rural areas. In the moonlights the game is played in the villages. Through the game has been played since time immemorial, it was played with different names and improvised and convenient rules accoding to situation. The game was known in different names such as Sur-pati, Lon-pati,Darya-banth, saragari, saramani, tilli, uppinat, uppupatti, choupal pati, panchwati, chikka etc.

In Tamil nadu this game is in old Tamil Literature in the name of KLITHATU. In Tamilnadu this game is played in different name in different part of the state, like kilethatu, thatukodu, thanikodu, uppukodu, uppupattai etc.

The first effort to organise the game was made by Dekkan Gymkhana, pune. They prepared the rules and conducted the matches. Next move was taken by Hind Vijay Gymkhana, Baroda, wich made significant changes in the rules and conducted the tournaments to promote and popularise the game.

But the main efforts for developing this game were made by Akhil maharashtra sharirik shikshan mandal. The mandal conducted the divisional tournaments in which teams from Marathi speaking areas of different states of the country such as Maharashtra, Madhya-pradesh, Gujathi , Karnataka etc. participated. These tournaments were conducted in 1948.

In 1982 at the time of Asian Games and Atya Patya Federation of India was formed. The game was revived with the First Atya Patya National held at Nagpur in 1982.


This Game of Atya-Patya, as per the rules framed by Atya Patya Federation of india, consists of four innings, each innings having a duration of 7 minutes. Each team consists of 9 players and each game consists of 2 innings. At the end of each innings, there is an interval for 5 minutes. The match is decided on the basis of best of best of three games. The side of assailants scores one point for each trench crossed by them. The inning consists of 2 plays of 7 minutes alternately played by assailants and defenders.

The play field for Atya-patya shall be marked as shown in the diagram. There shall be 9 Breadthwise strips known as trenches (pati), 23 feet 1 inch long and 13 inches in with, such as AB, CD.

The Central lengthwise strip known as the Central Trench (sur-pati) E.F. and is 89 feet 1 inch long and 13 inches wide. (As given in the sketch).

The Central trench (sur-pati) divides each of thr 9 trenches onto equal halves. In all, there are 9 trenches on this game. There shall be a clear space of 10 feet around the play fields.

Those, who try to cross the trenches are called assailants at the commencement of the play two batches of the assailants, assemble in the area between the frot trench and boundary line. The defenders shall stand on the trenches one on each trench facing the front trenches, wile grenadier (sur) shall stand on the Central Trench, ready to cur the squares. The defendants cannot change the trenches during an inning.

After the signal for commencement of the inning is given, the grenadier shall cut the squares. He cannot put any assailant out unless he has cut the squares at the start 4 assailant will start the same and then 2nd Batch will play tailor will enter lastly.

The Grenadier and the defenders shall try to make the assailants out without committing faults and assailants shall try to cross as many trenches as possible during the innings. If all the trenches are crossed by the assailants, the foremost assailant shall call for a Tond and in that case the defenders will immediately turn about and give Tond.

When all the trenches are crossed, it is said that the Lona is scored. As soon as the Lona is scored, Referee shall announce about the same. On such announcement, all the assailants who are not out, shall go up to the front trench and again the play will start. Whichever party scores more points in 2 innings wins the Game.

The officials require for the management of the Match are one Referee, One Scorer, and 4 Umpires. One for each player and one for the grenadier with the foremost assailant to mark the trenches crossed by the side and inform the Referee grenadier scorer accordingly.

Extra Coaching- The famous saying “ The Battle of water-loo was won on the play –fields of Eton & harrow”  is true even today and will remain so for ever. On the fields players are so trained that they are competent enough to meet all challenges of life, we at Ad Astra aim to do exactly that. Our focus will be to instill sense of team spirit. Train them in goal setting improve their written and verbal communication, organize ground discussions on current topics informally and help them chalk out strategies for effective time management. Sports fields are ideal places for sharpening skills of decision making and enhancing  level of individual and team confidence. In short we will enhance the leadership traits of young boys and girls through online training by the celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar, Krishnamachari Srikkanth, MS Dhoni, Rahul Dravid , Chetan Anand , etc.






The online portal will  be facilitate the above training

I may add that the young training and achievement will be recognized  by awarding certificates to the individuals by Kris. Srikkanth

This will add another feather to the caps of those enrolled in Ad Astra Sports Academy.

The areas are-

  • Professional development
  • Team work
  • Goal setting
  • Leadership skills
  • Stress management
  • Communication skills
  • Group discussion
  • Motivation & confidence building
  • Decision making
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Time management
  • Benchmarking

Membership Letter from Uttar Pradesh Atya Patya Association

Membership letter

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