Coach Level 1 Video Clips

Video clips are available and support the content of Modules 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the Level 1 Coaches Manual.

These clips can be viewed online. Click on each title below to view the clip.

To receive an electronic copy of the Coaches Manual Level 1, you must complete a form and send back to the BWF.

MODULE  6   Movement – Introduction
Performance Factor 1   Movement cycle – Start phase
  Movement cycle – Approach phase
Technical  – Movement Skills   Movement cycle – Hitting phase
  Movement cycle – Recovery phase
  Movement patterns – Forehand forecourt
  Movement patterns – Backhand forecourt
  Movement patterns – Forehand rearcourt
  Movement patterns – Backhand rearcourt
Performance Factor 1   Introduction
Technical – Hitting Skills – Strokes   Grips
  Forehand low serve
  Forehand flick serve
  Forehand high serve
  Backhand low serve
  Backhand flick serve
  Forehand net shot
  Forehand net lift
  Forehand net kill
  Backhand net shot
  Backhand net lift
  Backhand net kill
  Backhand block off body
  Backhand drive
  Forehand drive
  Forehand clear
  Forehand smash
  Forehand drop shot
  Forehand pulled drop shot
  Backhand clear
  Backhand pulled drop shot
Performance Factor 2   Tactics introduction
Tactics   Singles tactics
  Singles introduction
  Singles serve and return
  Singles rallying
 Doubles tactics
  Doubles introduction
  Women’s doubles serve and return
  Women’s doubles rallying
  Men’s doubles serve and return
  Men’s doubles rallying
  Mixed doubles introduction
  Mixed doubles serve and return
  Mixed doubles rallying
MODULE  9   Components of fitness
Performance Factor 3   Warm up
Physical   Cool down



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